Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A Brief Hiatus, Then...

Le Regal
This place is always busy, and that is part of its appeal. Go on a Saturday evening and there is a real sense that the night is just starting as you fill up on Pizza before heading out to get leathered on Gazelle / Grandial / whatever shakes your tree.

Pizzas are gooey and over-topped, which doesn't do the rather ordinary bread-like bases any favours. Fine for soaking up the Gazelle though. A plate of mixed brochettes is bear-sized and rather good for the money.

They do what looks like a thoroughly disgraceful Hamburger Royale, in case anyone is wondering.

Le Regal
Croisement Ouakam
Tel: 33 824 40 24 / 33 860 48 72
Open 7 days from 6.30am until 2am
Take away and delivery service available.

Anybody hungry?
My usual mid-week lunching partner has sadly left these shores for the excitement of Washington DC so I'm looking for new lunchers to join me in seeking out the best and worst of Dakar restaurants.

Eligible candidates must be:
Available during the week
Able to pay their own way
Able to knock back serious amounts of wine


Tempo de Viajar said...

Do you know Le Cozy? http://www.lecozy.com/

Nice libanese girls in the crowd!

Tee said...
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Tee said...

Oops i deleted my comment, which was basically, i am somewhat new to Dakar got a somewhat flexible schedule, speak crappy french but champion the long lunch....let us know if you really are still looking for a someone else on ocassion during culinary adventures...

Jiffler said...

Always keen to meet a fellow champion of the long lunch, Tee. Get in touch:

leckie_j (at) yahoo.co.uk