Monday, 17 November 2008

Random factor, like a tractor...

No regional theme this time, just a few odd ones I've missed out.

New Africa
, 9794, Sacre Coeur III
A bar / restaurant with a pool table and a creative menu. Popular with moneyed Senegalese and French ex-pats. Get crunching on crab claws and all manner of sea critters by ordering the spaghetti a l'oceane, or try one of the thoughtfully assembled tagines. Check the ridiculous map of the World on the wall in the porch for whole continents you never new existed.

  • The Spaghetti a l'Ocean is a thing of wonder.
  • Good casual vibes for a game of pool and a beer with friends
  • Service can be slow
  • Parking is tricky in the sandy backstreets

La Noix D'or, Rue Aime cesaire x Rue E, Fann.
Since this is only a step away from the Chinese Embassy one would have thought that it must be the best place for Chinese food in town. A shame then that it's ghost-town empty. Perhaps there is a bit more trade early in the evening. Pricey, but reasonable take-away.

  • Take away is reasonable quality, with a few more unusual dishes than the standard efforts
  • The spooky emptiness of the restaurant itself

Le Celtic, Rue 6, Point E
Back to Point E again, this place is a cracking bar on Rue 6. Staff are friendly and the vibes are good. A shame more people don't drink there are its a great neighbourhood bar. Food is fresh and comes in healthy portions - the staff even came around with leftover pommes sautes from the kitchen.

  • Good steaks and grills
  • Cocktails (watch out for the daily cocktail special offer)
  • A little bit too much Sting on the stereo if you ask me.

Zaika, 14 Fann-Hock
This Indian restaurant has an indoor water feature. Frankly, if a restaurant has an indoor water feature, I expect the waiters to wear bow ties and moustaches, and to have my food brought to me by trained monkeys dressed in gold lame. Its OK. Bit pricey. (note - Zaika is currently closed for rennovation)

  • The deep fried starter selection.
  • You may meet David Bowie throwing a baby into the air on the way to the toilet and end up never returning from the labyrinth. To hell with it, just go in the water feature.

In the news:
A new chef at Ethiopian restaurant Lalibela (Rue A, Point E) has improved both the quantity and the quality of the food. The cooking now complements the delightful rooftop setting.