Saturday, 16 August 2008

Have you tried the thiof in Yoff?

My old neighbourhood, Yoff, has little to recommend it in Restaurant terms. Being a dry quarter, stuck on the north of the Peninsula it's hardly going to draw in the punters. Despite this, if you fancy pitching up with a couple of bowls and buying some Mafe and Rice for 400 CFA, then Yoff is definitely the place to do it.

Hong Kong II (Airport Road)
Slightly dishevelled, with a miserable old lady at the helm. Hong Kong II (where is Hong Kong 1?) serves, somewhat incongruously, Vietnamese cuisine with added jumbo.

  • Prawns with ginger.
  • If you live in Yoff. This is the nearest decent place for a beer.

  • The food isn't great, if I'm honest.

Keur Mouna
Just cross the road into Parcelles at the edge of non-alcoholic Yoff and you'll find all the fun you need at Keur Mouna. A hotel and restaurant apparently, although when we visited all they had was steak (which wasn't bad) and rooms by the hour.

  • The steak was OK
  • Watching the floorshow of furtive punters selecting a prostitute. The madam is a tough lady, and will issue a sound beating to any customers who get lippy.

  • In case you hadn't realised yet: this place is a brothel.
Via Via
Hmm. The usual mix of thieb, thiof and yassa, but done up for the backpacker brigade. It's in Yoff, but discreetly serves beer.

  • A cheap clean hostel, and a great place to base yourself as a backpacker and grab some cheap meals.
  • There is a little library of old travel books in many languages.
  • Young French trustafarians with braided hair and multi-coloured vaguely ethnic clothing who have come to Africa to perfect their djembe playing skills. Annoying idiots.

Don't be tempted by the beachside shacks offering pizzas and burgers - just pop your head into the kitchen and you'll immediately pick up the e.coli vibe.

More soon.

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