Thursday, 28 May 2009

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Terrou-Bi - Terrace Restaurant

This year's Repertoire des Restos features a whole page handed over to Chef Thierry Justamante of the Terrou Bi. Here he gives away the secret of his recipe for 'Filet de Thiof a la Marinade de poivre et gingembre, pomme de terre ecrasee'. (Grilled fish marinated in ginger with mashed spuds). Unfortunately for Thierry, the dish in the accompanying photograph looks like it's been assembled by a four year old, drunk on his Grandmother's sherry, using items found on the floor or fished from a burning bin. Thierry must be gutted, because the real thing actually looks rather nice, and according to my boozy-lunch companion (on her final outing with Dakar Restaurant Reviews) tastes fresh and zesty.

That doesn't stop her stealing my chips though. They are also good. My honey and citrus brochettes are a touch workmanlike in execution, but no complaints. They also do a honey and goat's cheese pizza, which comes with positive reports. In fact, the whole menu looks like it might have potential, were it not cursed with being a hotel restaurant with accompanying upmarket hotel prices. While the rest of town is banging out cheap lunch deals, this place is banking on the business trade and pitching their three-course lunchtime specials at 25,000 FCfa+. That's before you start piling on the booze. I found the service to be a little obsequious too, but maybe I'm too used to getting ignored in Les Ambassades these days.

A good treat though, and one of the few upmarket beachside places in town where it is worth whiling away the afternoon.

La Terrasse Du Terrou-Bi
Bd Martin Luther King
Tel: 33 839 90 30 Ooen 7 days a week until 11pm

Restaurant News
Tapas at N'gor
Having previously got all excited about this place the shine has worn off somewhat. It's back to the usual trick of chasing waiters around and the kind of casual sloppiness that downstairs is reknowned for. Couple with that with the fact that the chef has just got a new deep fat fryer and is not afraid to use it.

Airport road:
Has anyone been to that monstrosity that has just opened up next to I-cone? Opium or something? I can only assume it's pitched at footballers, drug dealers and French squaddies, so I'm looking for some feedback before I take the risk.