Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Transcendental Tuna Salad

19 Rue Victor Hugo (next to Ozio), Plateau.
Tel: 33 821600, or 775 072270

Who in their right mind would go into a sushi restaurant and order something as boring as 'Spicy tuna salad'? It sounds like something you'd make on a Wednesday evening, using a tin of tuna and the bits of vegetable detritus from the bottom of the salad tray. In a sushi restaurant we want maki and miso, unagi and a touch of umami, not boring old Wednesday tuna salad. Right?

Not so at Fuji, Dakar's latest sushi offering. Here the Tuna Salad is one of those dishes that makes your hair stand on end from the very first bite. Halfway through the plate and you're off your face on happy-hormones, thinking about ordering another, or maybe two more. Trust me, this is no mere salad, this is tuna spun into silk, sweet seaweed seduction.

At long last, sushi, sashimi, and maki dishes to really get excited about. The next time some pseud cracks on about how wonderful the second-rate sushi is at La Fourchette or Cozy you can send them to Fuji for an education.

Service here is a delight as well - unhurried and without the usual French pretentions. The atmosphere is slick and modern, a bit quiet early doors, but warming as the restaurant fills up with a good mix of customers and the music of human voices.

Two can eat here for 50,000Fcfa as long as you don't go mad with the winelist. The spicy tuna salad costs 8,000Fcfa and is worth every franc.


Tempo de Viajar said...

Loved it! I went for the Salmon Salad, wich is the same but with salmon... 3 ou 4 times in 2 weeks! Excelente service also.

Fredrik said...

Thats what i payed for a thoroughly mediocre seafood pasta at le loft... Where is Fuji located?

Harris said...

Absolutely enjoyed it. Tried the "California roll/Maki" and was very pleased. Was tempted to have more. Forget about Dakar Sushi.

saadeh said...

wait until you taste the tuna tatki and salmon tatki and many other items from the new menu will be in may 2010