Saturday, 24 January 2009

Another New Opening in Point E

Global credit crisis? Nonsense! They're opening up restaurants all over Dakar. Times must be good. Hmm... does anybody see a pattern emerging?

The latest brand new opening is the originally named "La Marocaine", on Rue A (Rue de Louga) in Point A.

Owned by a friendly Senegalese chap, and staffed by Moroccans, "La Marocaine" serves up decent portions of basic Moroccan classics. Open for lunch and dinner Monday-Saturday, the restaurant has indoor seating, a bar, and what looks like scope for an outdoor terrace once things start to warm up. Live Moroccan music is promised for the evenings, which could be a blessing or a curse.

Hearty tagines, priced around 5,000 Fcfa, remind me of my mother's winter stews - warming and savoury, served in the kind of quantities that would satisfy a growing bear. Accompanying bread is fresh and airy, perfect for mopping up the thick juices at the bottom of the tagine.

Service is still a little shaky, as they are just getting started, so give it a week or so. A digestif of mint tea comes on the house, and is poured with aplomb by the owner, giving me just enough energy to make it back home for a post lunch snooze.

La Marocaine, 14 Rue de Louga (Rue A), Point E, Dakar.
Tel: 338255352

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